A 4 day Totally FREE interactive virtual class to unlock your SUPERPOWERS and create a dynamic description & bio that will have your ideal clients fighting to work with you!

Are people telling you how awesome you are at the spectacular work you do but you can’t seem to put that into words?

Do you help people get astonishing results but can’t quite capture the powerful possibilities you create when you are telling others about it?

When you describe what you do, does your pitch bore people to tears?

Or do you simply know you are much more than your “job title”?


FANTASTIC!!! You are in the right place!

I want to invite you to come with me on a sensational journey to find out just how awesome you really are.

Together we will spark your creativity and reveal the words to capture the magic you create.

This Kickass FREE Class Starts August 1-4, 2016.

You will step into a fun and exciting world where you can unravel the mystery of what has been holding you back from embracing your inner superhero.

The market place is filled with business owners and professionals struggling. Competing with each other trying to get their message out. Begging for business because they just can’t see how amazingly unique they are.

Finding the words to fully describe how wonderful you are is hard!!!

Yet it can be one of the most powerful tools you can have in your utility belt that can;

  • Attract your ideal clients while repelling the hideous ones
  • Create intrigue in your business (and YOU!)
  • Soar above the competition so people take notice of you
  • Eliminate the imitators. You are the real deal!

All of a sudden you are known as the “go-to” person for people who need the services you provide.

When you can clearly explain the value of what you and only you have to offer, you will be handsomely rewarded!

How do I know? I was right where you are. Struggling to explain what I did and how I could help. The words just did not seem to fully engage people to make them want to know more. I have years of experience, an impressive track record and I was damn good at what I did but that was not enough to stand out from the crowd, UNTIL I tapped into my superpowers and embraced my inner superhero! Brainstorm

“Brainstorm” was born. An idea genie on a mission to help business owners just like you discover their superpowers to reveal the true character that will help you conquer your fears, smash through obstacles and leap your way to success!

Since then my business took off like a runaway train that I've been madly trying to catch up with. People who once overlooked me are now taking notice!

I want that for YOU because I can see you are something special!

What makes YOU different is that you are here!

You are ready to embrace your talents!

You are daring enough to add some razzle-dazzle to your profile to emerge as the victorious hero in your field!

Am I right?

YES! Splendid!

Simply enter your details in the form below and we can begin to create some kick ass marketing!

Here is how it works…

Step #1: Fill in the form below to register.

Step #2: You will receive a welcome email where you will find a link to join our private Facebook Group. This is where the interactive part of our class will take place. Make sure you introduce yourself to the other awesome people in the group so we are ready to rumble on August 1st, 2016.

Step #3: During the class you will receive your workbook each day. Simply follow the short lesson and once you complete your assignment for the day, show it off in the group.


During the class I will be giving my full attention to your work to help you tweak it, answer questions or just cheer with excitement at the amazing job you have done.

By the end you can walk away with a dynamic description that you can share across social media, your marketing material, in person or just hang it on the wall to remind you how kickass you are!

Never fear if you can’t get it done in the first 4 days. I want you to succeed so I will be here to help for an extra 3 days! You are marvelous and I want you to be able to tell that to the world!!

Here Is What Other Are Saying!!!

But wait there's more!!!

As a special bonus you will also have the opportunity to Superfy your Bio!

You get professional help writing your business bio that will boost your credibility and image in your field of expertise!



Do I have to be a superhero?

No. You can be if you want but you don't have to don your cape in public!

It is about using your superhero confidence and abilities to create something unique, useful and POWerful!

Isn't it a bit corny?

I can understand how you would feel that way but I can assure you that it is every bit as practical and useful as it is fun!

What if I can't make it everyday?

That's ok. The class is run via email and you can add your assignments in the group when you have free time. I know you are busy running your business so you have 10 days from the time we start until the time the class closes to add your assignments to our Facebook group to get my personal help tweaking them!

What are you waiting for???? Let’s get started!

Simply enter your details in the form below and we can begin to create some kick ass marketing!

I can't wait to have some fun and achieve something magical!

See you soon